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Brief Report

A brief evaluation covering basic areas of personality, emotions, goals and major traits.


Fast Facts for Businesses Report

Customized to suit your company’s needs. Including 12 traits of your choosing.


Profile Report

A brief profile report analysis covering basic areas of personality, emotions, etc.


Comprehensive Report

A study of the emotional responses of the writer.


Business Report

A employer’s report of a writer’s personality characteristics for employment needs.


General Compatibility Report

The General Handwriting Analysis of two individuals, including a report.

Recent Clients


Superior PD

2008 – Worked with The Superior Police Department on a case involving graffiti on church boards.


Curtis Sikyta, Attorney

2008 – Worked with Curtis Sikyta on a case involving questioned signatures.


Patrick Duncan, Attorney

2006 – Worked with Patrick Duncan on a case involving questioned signatures on checks.


OPPD Business

2006 – Worked with OPPD Business on a case involving writer authentication in a workbook.

What My Clients Are Saying

Thomas Winmill

It has been helpful to have Sandra analyze and identify personality traits that help our business grow in productivity and integrity. Her work is helpful and accurate.

Thomas Winmill

Financial Service Company
Bob Trapp

WriteFacts afforded me great insight into the personalities of employees and that better enables me to work with them, improving both productivity and employee retention.

Bob Trapp

Ace Hardware