Attorney Patrick A. Duncan

Questioned signature on title. more...

Attorney Richard J. Schicker

Questioned written document, Workman’s Comp case. more...

Nebraska State Patrol

Evaluation of anonymous letters. more...

Axiom Business Systems, Australia

Team Builder Workshops, Personnel screening, Handwriting evaluation for personal growth. more...

Superior PD

2006 – Worked with The Superior Police Department on a questioned signature case. more...

Nebraska SP

2006 – Worked with The Nebraska State Patrol on a victim vs. aggressor case. more...

Holdrege PD

2006 – Worked with The Holdrege Police Department on the identification on handwriting on a suicide note. more...

David Downing, Attorney

Worked with David Downing on a Questioned Signature case. more...

Ms. Foote’s clients include:

Attorney Christopher P. Wickham PC, LLO – Questioned signatures on checks, 9-20-2018
Attorney James A. Wagoner – Questioned letter, 5-29-2018
Attorney Patrick A.Duncan – Questioned signature on title,
Attorney Thomas A. Wagoner – Questioned signature,
Attorney Richard J Schicker – Questioned written document, Workman’s Comp, 9-15-2014
Nebraska State Patrol – Anonymous Letters, 3-14-2014
Attorney Richard Gordon – Questioned signature, 1-20-2014
Sarpy County Sheriffs Department – Alleged rape,
Attorney Larry R. Baumann – Questioned signature,
 11-19-2012 – 2013
Attorney David J. Koukol – Questioned signatures, 4-20-2012
Attorney Randall Alexander – Questioned document,
Rose Hill Police Dept. – Conflicting-opposing interviews,
Attorney Jeremy J. Cross – Questioned signatures, 4-I6-2012
Attorney Joel M. Carney – Questioned signatures, 3-03-2012
Nebraska State Patrol – Complaint letter, 12-13-201 1
Attorney Loralea L. Frank — Questioned signatures,
Nebraska State Patrol – Anonymous letters, 5-09-2011
Attorney Willow T. Head – Questioned signatures, credit card 
and loan document, 5-05-2011
Attorney Robert A. Holubec – Questioned signatures,
Nebraska State Patrol – Profile person of interest, 4-19-2011
Attorney Thomas M. Locher – Questioned signatures, loan
 documents, 2-25-2011
Attorney Timothy Wollmer – Questioned signatures,
Attorney Joel Jay – Questioned signatures on checks, 
Attorney James H. Cain – Questioned signatures, 8-18-2010
Attorney Howard Kaplan – Questioned signatures on 
documents, 8-09-2010
Attorney David Kimble – Questioned signatiure on check, 
Attorney Bart Sturdy – Questioned signatures on loan
 documents, 12-11-2009
Attorney Michael Kozlik – Questioned signature on deed,
Attorney Mary Stougliton Winzl – Graffiti on wall, identify 
writer, 2-13-2009
Superior (Nebraska) Police Department – Graffiti on church boards,
Attorney Curtis Sikyta – Questioned signatures (altered 
checks), 8-20-2008
Attorney Patrick Duncan – Questioned signatures, 7-21 -2008
OPPD – Business – Writer authentication in workbook, 
Superior (Nebraska) Police Department – Questioned signature on check, 
Nebraska State Patrol – Victim vs. aggressor, 4-06-2006
Holdrege Police Department – Suicide note, 2-29-2006
Attorney David Downing – Questioned signature