Sandra Foote is a handwriting expert located in Superior, Nebraska.  She evaluates and compares handwriting and signatures in an effort to determine authenticity or authorship.

She provides jury selection services which helps attorneys better understand the personalities on the jury so they will know what to expect for the reactions and thought processes of those you select.

Her skill as a handwriting specialist will also help with job retention and less turnover in the work force.

Sandra is knowledgeable in many areas concerning people and communication on a verbal and emotional level. She has given presentations to many groups that range in occupation and age, from professional to laborer and from junior high to senior citizen. She has spoken to different sizes of groups from 5 to over 100 in attendance.

As a handwriting analyst she helps people understand the personalities they come in contact with in a beneficial way. She enjoys sharing her unique skills and knowledge with anyone willing to understand others and to find ways to work with them.


As a handwriting expert, to protect innocent parties from unscrupulous offenders. To also assist in the process of Jury Selection to aid in the final outcome of a successful trial.


Since 1991, Sandra has been actively speaking about and teaching handwriting analysis. She has written many reports on various personalities and how they are perceived by others and also to the writers themselves. She has also reported on the compatibility of individuals in personal and business relationships. She has helped police departments and attorneys with comparisons of forged or disputed handwritings.

There have been articles written about Sandra in the Superior (Nebraska) Express, Hastings (Nebraska) Tribune and Trade West newspapers. She has been interviewed on KHAS-TV in Hastings, Nebraska several times and DCRS Clear Channel Radio in Inland, Texas during 2003. On January 23, 2006, she was expected to be on KSYZ 107.7 FM Grand Island, Nebraska for 1 hour and was actually on for 3 hours. She was also featured on NTV Channel 13, September 11, 2008.
In 2000 – 2001 Sandra was the president of the Kansas Chapter of Handwriting Analysts (KIGAS) and is the current president for the next 2 years. She has been a member of the International Graphoanalysis Society in good standing since 1989.

Handwriting Experience

25 years in:

  • Giving presentations and classes
  • Writing reports for personal insight for individuals
  • Compatibility reports
  • Personnel screening
  • Handwriting and signature comparison


  • Graduated from Sehome High School, Bellingham WA (1969)
  • Distance Learning with the International Graphoanalysis Society (1989 – 1990)
  • Seminars with Kansas Chapter of Graphoanalysis for Continuing Education (Every 6 months since 1993)
  • The International Graphoanalysis Society (Certified since May 1991 as a Specialist and Handwriting Examiner)
  • Associate Member NADE (National Association of Document Examiners)
  • Associate Member NALPI (Nebraska Association of Licensed Investigators)
  • Honorable Member AHAF (American Handwriting Analysis Foundation)