Services & Fees

Please Contact Us for further details on any of the following services.

Reports for Legal Purposes:

Evaluation of Disputed Handwriting & Signatures — $150/hr. ($750 retainer required)

Examination and comparison of questioned and authentic signatures and handwriting.  See details here.

Jury Screening — $50 per prospective juror

Reports for Personal & Business Use:

“Fast Facts” Business Report — $175

Business & personnel screening report customized for your specific needs.  Cost effective, efficient, concise. You scan and email applicants’ handwriting to me (, and the report(s) will be emailed back to you.

Narrative Written Report — $300

Evaluation of basic areas of personality—emotions, goals, mental processes, integrity, time management, and contributing traits. Please specify the purpose of the analysis (hiring, promotion, etc.) and details of the position or job description.

Business Report Package — $500

Includes Fast Facts Report, Narrative Written Report, and face-to-face consultation via telephone or Skype.  Please specify the purpose of this Handwriting Analysis (promotion, hiring, etc.) and the Job Description.

Compatibility Report — $600

Report covering compatibility between employer and employee, co-workers and team members, or prospective partners.

Team Builder Workshops — $600

Team builder workshops help employers and employees understand one another for better productivity.  Reduces conflict in the professional environment.  A memorable, enlightening, educational and pleasant experience.

Verbal Consultation — $150/hr.