Jury Screening

Understand prospective jurors, key witnesses & opposing counsel. Enhance your trial strategy.

Trials are often won as much on personality as on the facts of the case. Obtaining a favorable verdict in a plaintiff’s personal injury case might require kind-hearted, sympathetic jurors as opposed to factual, objective types, whereas a case regarding contractual issues would call for jurors who are logical and analytical. A gently persuasive attorney will appeal to different jurors than an attorney who uses aggressive tactics and a seemingly arrogant approach.

Sandra Foote can assist you in detecting such personality variables in prospective jurors, key witnesses and opposing counsel.


How will jury screening services benefit me?
  • Pre-screen and understand prospective jurors.
  • Deselect jurors potentially damaging to your case.
  • Maximize peremptory challenges.
  • Appeal effectively to impaneled jurors.
  • Defuse opposing witness testimony.
  • Enhance effectiveness of your own witnesses.
  • Strategize trial tactics.
How do you evaluate the character of key witnesses and prospective jurors?

Evaluation of key witnesses and prospective jurors is based on individual demographics, combined with information obtained through handwriting analysis (Graphoanalysis). Graphoanalysis is method of personality assessment with an accuracy rate of 90-95%. As a series of highly individualized gestures, handwriting is a complex act involving the writer’s physical, mental, emotional and nervous makeup. Trained graphologists accurately decipher personality based on the lines, curves, loops and dots of writing.

What character traits can you decipher with regard to prospective and impaneled jurors?

Thinking styles, attitudes, prejudice and leadership skills—traits that are likely to have an impact on jurors’ perspectives about your case. Other characteristics such as sympathy, hostility, conservatism, suspicion, detail-mindedness, generosity, aggressiveness and indifference may be revealed. Equally important, our profile alerts you to jurors who will have potential influence in deliberation and who should therefore be carefully scrutinized during voir dire.