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27May, 17

The letters “a” and “d” can mean volumes in an analysis!

Yes…it is true that each letter can mean volumes in a handwriting analysis report pertaining to the personality. Some letters will indicate how we dress or would like to appear on an external level. The specific letters will imply what image we would like to project to others and further indicate how we feel about ourselves as individuals. There are other letters that will show on an internal level the aspects of ourselves, including our speech and personality. Some letters will show how we conduct ourselves and indicate how we feel about the standards of society….personally and socially.

The letter “a” covers the areas of personal worth and appearance. If the letter “a” is pinched in the circle part of the letter…the writer will feel that there is nothing left for them. By nothing I mean to say…no time, emotion or energy left for themselves on a personal level. Many times people are caregivers and they feel they cannot take the time to take care of themselves. This can include homemakers, new mothers and the elderly….especially those taking care of a sick spouse. Sometimes when we take care of others we have a tendency to not take care of our own basic needs like brushing our teeth for example.

When the letter “a” has an initial loop (on the left side of the circle), it indicates that we hide our feelings from ourselves. We may act out in a way that is confusing to those around us because we are unaware of our own feelings and needs and therefore do not think of the needs we have personally. If this is true in your writing then talk to someone close to you and investigate what your needs are. If you do this you will solve the mystery in the way you respond to those around you in your personal life.

Let’s add this information to the letter “d”. The letter “d” will indicate how we perceive the standards set for us in society and how we feel about those standards. If the letter “a” indicates our personal feelings and the letter “d” looks like an “a” with a stem then we can deduce that the two letters will have some connection in meaning. The letter “d” is personal with the added view of our society. If the stem is tall then we are concerned with how we “appear” to others in our society. Their standards mean a lot to us….an how we fit in is important to us. We will oversell ourselves and our status in our family or group of friends because these are our society….personally. If there is a fat loop in the stem then we will be overly concerned with how we fit in to our society and may take offense when a friend or family member gives us a suggestion or even a different point of view. If you know someone with this stroke in their handwriting then treat them kindly and nicely. The response to your kind and nice gestures will be wonderful. If you show an opposing point of view without kindness you will be met with a grumpy attitude from your family member or friend. This seems like common sense but it bears repeating.

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  • Posted by SFadmin on May 27, 2017 at 05:17 pm

    Hi Sandra, You mention a pinched letter ‘a’ but what about if the letter ‘o’ is squeezed or filled in? Thanks for any input.

    • Posted by Sandra L Foote on June 9, 2017 at 07:35 pm

      The pinched letter “o” is a strong indication of a workaholic. The writer will usually give all to their work and leave nothing left for themselves emotionally speaking.