What is Handwriting Analysis?

Handwriting Analysis is a tool that can be used successfully for assessment of personality traits.

Psychologists use questionnaires, rating scales and other methods of personality assessment, and an increasing number of them are learning the value of Handwriting Analysis as an additional tool.

Handwriting Analysis is a scientific method of personality assessment based on research conducted over a period of more than 50 years. The research was carried out by both empirical and clinical processes and currently is being validated by statistical studies within and without the framework of institutions of higher education.

What Is In It For You?

Are you concerned about your business commitments?

Would you like to know about goals, willpower, determination, integrity and social traits?

Are prospective employees going to be content?

Will they be an asset to your business, compatible to your needs?

Is there a high rate of turnover in your business?

How much time is lost and how much money is spent for each new employee?

Handwriting Analysis can help the employer to place the right individual in the right position. Employers and employees alike benefit with the use of a handwriting professional.

Why Handwriting Analysis?

Successful employment of and proper placement of personnel in business and industry depends on the selection of individuals whose intelligence, temperament, and talent predispose them for a particular type of work. Handwriting Analysis helps to identify the right person for the right job.

Credit managers find Handwriting Analysis helpful for the same reasons: personality characteristics such as honesty or deceit, pride or sloth, willpower or the lack of it, conservatism or wastefulness all play a part in determining a good credit risk or a bad one.

Handwriting Analysis is a basic training in the field of questioned and forged documents, just as every person is a unique individual, so is everyone’s handwriting different from that of any other.

The many applications of handwriting analysis include but not limited to: Personal Insight, Personnel Screening and Compatibilities of Personal and/or Professional Partners.

Handwriting analysis is also used in Jury Selection and in Law Enforcement.

Can Handwriting Analysis Discriminate?
Handwriting Analysis cannot reveal the age, sex, race, or religion of a writer. Handwriting Analysis puts personalities in perspective.

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