Legal / Forensic Handwriting Examination

In a 2020 District Court Felony Jury Trial in Western Nebraska, I engaged Sandra Foote of Write Facts LLC, for her assistance in challenging the State’s credentialed handwriting expert – a former FBI analyst – asserting the authenticity of a handwritten “confession.”

In the trial, we danced his pants off & the Jury unanimously concurred – Not Guilty!

Sandra’s evaluation, analysis In detailed critique resonated well with the fact-finder and in the end, simply carried the day. The results justify the recommendation – Sandra Foote is the best!

James A. Wagoner
#18 186, Attorney at Law

“I have been associated with Sandra Foote for many years, relative to the discipline of Graphoanlysis. She is a superb scholar and a professional Certified Graphoanalyst – one of the intellectual competencies and efficacy with strong integrity. She is conscientious and versatile in the practice of her erudition.

In my opinion, her services can be valuable in all facets of the administration of justice and especially profitable to any law/legal profession.

As a former member of the Staff Judge Advocate’s Office, U.S. Marine Corps., and a practitioner of Graphoanalysis for over 47 years, I recommend Sandra’s expertise and specialty without reservation.”

Royce L. Smith

“I am writing to thank you for your assistance and testimony in the Matter of the Estate of Lloyd Dwight Davisson, Deceased. You were of great assistance in educating me about handwriting analysis so that I could develop the proper questions to ask during your testimony, as well as cross-examination of the opposing handwriting analyst.

Your testimony was well prepared and professionally given. You were able to react well to cross-examination and not compromise your position. I will soon be retiring, but if I am asked for a recommendation for a handwriting analyst in the future, I will give your name.”

Patrick A. Duncan
Duncan, Duncan, Walker & Schenker, P.C. L.L.O.

“Thank you so much for examining the ‘alleged contemporary work evaluation records’ of our client. Your letter of testimony showed he lied about almost all of the statements he made in his deposition. Consequently, we were able to settle our case for close to everything we had asked for. I appreciate your professionalism and good work.”

Richard J. Schicker
Omaha, NE

“This is a letter of recommendation for Sandra Foote. Our firm used Ms. Foote for a case in 2014 in which we needed a handwriting expert to analyze certain signatures. I contacted her for this project and she was extremely responsive within the timeframe we needed and for providing her report. It was necessary for Ms. Foote to be deposed. She was very accommodating and helpful during our meeting prior to her deposition being taken by the opposing counsel and during the course of her deposition. She was also extremely helpful for many aspects of the case. She appears to know the subject, is fully aware of the analysis of handwriting, and provided us with assistance in these areas. I would not hesitate to contact Ms. Foote again if we’re in need of a handwriting expert in the future.”

Larry R. Baumann
Kelley, Scritsmier & Byrne, P.C.
North Platte, NE

“Based upon your recent handwriting analysis and expert opinion, the County Attorney has dismissed all forgery charges against my client. Your report convinced him not only that my client did not forge the documents, but that the business owner had actually done so, using his own intentionally distorted signature. The manner in which you set out the demonstrative evidence and developed the comparison charts was very well done and easy for a layman to understand. I will certainly contact you again if I need expert handwriting analysis testimony in the future. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of my client to show the truth of what in fact took place.”

James H. Cain
Attorney at Law

“Thank you so much for all of your hard and diligent work regarding the Bank of Nebraska vs. Mark Rose case which was tried in Federal Bankruptcy Court. I wanted to take the opportunity to commend you on your expertise as the Court relied, in part, on your findings with regard to the authenticity of Mr. Rose’s signature on the many loan documents and collateral statements involved in this case. It was refreshing to work with someone who is so responsive and so diligent in her tasks despite the sometimes short deadlines required.

“If you ever need another letter of recommendation, please let me know. I will be sure to give your name to any of my colleagues or contemporaries who would be looking for an expert in the handwriting analysis field.”

Joel M. Carney
Valentine, O’Toole, McQuillan & Gordon Attorneys at Law

“I have known Ms. Foote professionally for approximately five years and am familiar with the quality of her work as a handwriting specialist. She is thorough and detailed in her examinations and reaches conclusions based on solid logic and due consideration of the material provided.

Ms. Foote is presently enrolled in my Training Course in Questioned Handwriting and Document Examination and has completed approximately two-thirds of the training. Thus far, subjects for study have included The Basis of Handwriting Examination, History of Handwriting, Handwriting Measurements, Primary Handwriting Features, Complex Writing Features, Line Quality, Examination of Handprinting and Numerals, Handwriting Variables, Comparison Standards, Signature Evaluation, and Examination of Initials. She has demonstrated competency by performing the practical exercises related to each of these topics and has successfully completed the individual exams, all with high marks. She has a thorough understanding of the course material thus far and has demonstrated an ability to apply the information to practical situations. Further, she has assisted me on a number of actual questioned document cases and has exhibited a high skill level in her work on each one.

Although she is still working on the course material, I believe Ms. Foote has the necessary skills to effectively and objectively examine questioned handwriting and reach accurate, non-biased conclusions. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone seeking assistance with questioned handwriting matters.”

Reed Hayes, CDE
Instructor, Forensic Handwriting Examination Course
Honolulu, HI

Personality Assessment

“To all employers, future business partners: We always did our best not to make “mistakes” when hiring or partnering. Trying to blindly make a judgment call from a person’s interview, resume, or “gut feeling” wasn’t enough. We needed an alternative to successfully hiring candidates.

5 years ago – we were introduced to the WriteFacts solution. I nearly wrote this off as pseudoscience and I remained skeptical during my own assessment. To my surprise – my personal assessment was spot on along with my business partner and my wife’s assessments. Since then and for or nearly 5 years – we’ve been exclusively using WriteFacts to make final hire decisions.

Interestingly – we came across the Enneagram Test early last year which touted the same results as WriteFacts for less cost and as any company would – we looked into it to optimize costs and be more effective. And, this appeared to be more acceptable because it was “proven psychology”. So we tested a few candidates. Yes, it was less expensive yet the accuracy still could not match Sandra’s skill. The detail we get from the consultation and analytics from Sandra is far superior and really does help one understand how a candidate will fit and more importantly when they will not fit our team.

Forensic handwriting assessment which has been validated by the FBI and CIA, when done well, goes beyond a technical personality assessment – it truly does go behind the meaning of what someone wrote and the inflections captured in how a person crosses their “T’s” and dot’s their “I’s”.

There is only so much an Enneagram test, interviews or background checks can see.

The guidance has been so valuable my wife uses it in her medical practice to assess therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists before they are hired. We have hired dozens of people since we began working with Sandra and have done extraordinarily well with the quality of the teams we have assembled thanks to her added perspective.

For a complete picture of every candidate within your workforce and to minimize hiring errors that could cost you a lawsuit, wasted energy, and resources… use this service by Sandra Foote first.

Call me if you’d like to understand more about how we’ve used her insights.”

Robert Eppele
CEO at gotomyerp, LLC

“Hi Sandra, thank you for the follow-up. The information you sent was very helpful. We did hire the candidate, however, based on your report we modified his position and job description. I shared your contact information with a few of my business colleagues, hope they will contact you. Thank you again.”

Avi Mordekovich ​

“Hi Sandra, here are some notes of appreciation that have begun to filter in today….there is more to come, but hopefully this will give you a great start to your day. You truly are a master as what you do!”

Anne Field
Axiom Business Systems

“Thanks so much for your time today Sandra. It was really great to get an insight into my long-term colleagues. I’ve heard your feedback for most of our new recruits, but I found this very valuable to get to know a little more about the longer-standing ones.”

Clare Carey
Axiom Business Systems

“It is amazing that you can tell so much about a person only by reading a few handwritten lines. Also, your personal story, while sad, it is also very inspirational. Thank you for sharing it with us. Today’s session in general was so interesting, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you, Sandra.”

Mehmed Muhedinovic
Axiom Business Systems

“Thank you Sandra for the time devoted to us today. I personally learned quite a lot of interesting things about handwriting analysis. I had no clue how you used your skills to depict the character of someone just by analyzing their handwriting. Besides validating my perception of the character traits of my ‘long-time’ colleagues (John, Anne, Clare, and Mehmed), I also learned more from newer colleagues (Quentin, Uttam, Barry, and Gauri). Having this knowledge I hope this allows us to strengthen our team efforts.”

Shameem Mansoor
Axiom Business Systems

“Thank you for the effort you put into today’s Team Builder. Over many years I’ve done various team builders using DISC, Myers Briggs, TMS, etc that have used generic boxes to describe each person, and then generic ‘box to box’ rules. I’ve never experienced a team builder that was based on the individual characteristics of each person as the driver. Your delivery was entertaining and so respectful of each person. It was affirming to the individual, whilst being revealing enough for the rest of us to identify effective strategies to get the best out of the relationship.”

Barry Hay
Axiom Business Systems

“Today’s workshop was so wonderful!! Thank you so much. All of our staff loved it.”

Anne Field
Axiom Business Systems

“I am an owner-manager of an international Information Technology company who has been engaged in the ‘hiring and firing of staff’ process for almost 30 years. As much as I have studied Human Recourse books and seminars to assist in the process of employing the “right people, I have never quite discovered any system or test that would assure me of a successful outcome. No matter how thorough an interview process I conducted, including reference checks from previous colleagues and employers, I still made what I term, serious and costly “employment mistakes”. Some of these have been very expensive, not only in terms of a failed probation period, which always incurred significant training costs but even more costly, was the damage to the morale of the company in bringing someone in, who did not fit into our carefully developed corporate culture, that was a reflection of our core business values and ethics. Ultimately, like most business owners, I made staff appointments, based on my best efforts and time-consuming research, which more often than not, boiled down to ‘intuition’. As most astute business operators know, any modern-day organization cannot afford the ‘hit or miss approach with acquiring, training, and retaining new staff.

Enter Sandra Foote from Write Facts. Providentially I was introduced to Sandra by a work colleague, who attested to Sandra’s writing analysis technology as an aid in the employment process. For the last 2 years, as I have had the opportunity to employ new staff, I have engaged Sandra’s skills to gauge the potential success (or otherwise) of a new candidate for employment in my company. I believe that the relatively small investment in the Write Facts analysis has saved my company an extraordinary amount of money. Some candidates that have passed all my interview processes, including the ‘intuition test’, once analyzed by Sandra, have come up as ‘incompatible’ with our company. I have such trust in the Write Facts technology, that I no longer take the risk of employing these people. This has saved my company not only in terms of dollars but also considerable heartache and frustration in trying to make a ‘square peg fit into a round hole’

When I have discovered a candidate that does have the potential of being successful in my company, the Write Facts technology then becomes an invaluable tool in managing the induction and probation process. With the aid of Sandra’s input, I am now in a position to be informed ahead of time, of any areas that will potentially require careful management, to ensure the best possible chance for the new employee to make a successful integration into the team environment in my company,

Bottom line…… the Write Facts technology takes the guesswork out of “getting the right people in the right seats on the bus”. Jim Collins, in his widely acclaimed book, “From Good to Great’ says this is the key to sustainable business success. Thanks to the skill and integrity of the work of Sandra Foote, Axiom Business Systems is now making better employment and managerial decisions, that are going a long way to contributing to the optimization and cohesiveness of a diverse team of people located over two continents. This is no mean feat, thank you, Sandra. Your unique insight has earned my trust, my respect, and total professional confidence in this unique service to the business community.”

Anne Field
Marketing Manager
Axiom Business Systems Pty Ltd

“Dear Sandy,
Thanks so much for taking the time to review our job applications for us. You diagnosed the four applicants with such accuracy. It’s hard to believe someone can do that just by looking at their writing. Even though we couldn’t get the top two applicants like we discussed, knowing what we know about the two that we did hire has been a tremendous asset. By having you identify their strengths for us we were able to work on their weakness, and by starting on them right away, we’ve been able to shorten the training period considerably! Also by understanding a little bit about their personalities we know which way to communicate with each one. If you need to use us as a source for future clients, by all means do so. We personally feel anyone looking to hire someone, or just wanting to know more about a current employee should consider using your services! I know we will be using you again we the need arises! Thanks Again!”

Bob Trapp
Superior Ace Hardware

“This letter is to confirm that Sandra Foote has provided handwriting analysis for our organization. Her interpretation of handwriting has proven very effective in consideration of a person’s temperament.
Sandra has been more than willing to contribute her skills and time; she has been very responsive when she was requested to interpret individual handwriting and we have used her analysis as an aid in our work.
We recommend Sandra and feel her talents would be used in a very time-effective manner.”

Ralph L. Madill, MMFT
Program Director, Cornhusker Christian Children’s Home
Culbertson, NE

“It has been very helpful to have Sandra available to analyze and identify personality traits that can help our business grow in productivity and integrity with the use of handwriting analysis. Her work is helpful and accurate.”

Thomas Winmill
Financial Service Company

“Buland Group uses Sandra’s handwriting analysis exclusively to determine personality characteristics of employees and job applicants. Her analysis is extremely accurate as agreed upon by those who have undergone the handwriting analysis. We compared Sandra’s handwriting analysis with our industrial psychologist’s reports and found WriteFacts, LLC to be more accurate, concise, efficient, and cost-effective. Buland Group highly recommends Sandra’s services. She is a real professional in every way.”

George Grieb
Buland Group, Omaha, NE

“A new door has opened in the selection process of the most qualified candidates for the Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Omaha through the use of Write Facts. Hiring employees is expensive, especially when you feel it is a 50/50 proposition in the end. Any tool that can put the percentage in your favor of hiring the most qualified candidate is invaluable. For Catholic Cemeteries, Write Facts is the right tool as part of our selection process to avoid negative traits that cannot be drawn from interviews or resumes. Experience has proven that Write Facts works.”

Jeff Sterba
Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Omaha, Omaha, NE

Team Building Workshops

“I would like to thank you for taking the time to work with us during our recent team-building exercise. The explanation and insight you provided for each of us were very valuable and spot on. This has allowed us to understand each other on a much higher level and to come together as a team. We would highly recommend you and your services to anyone that wants to grow as a team!”

Treg Vyzourek
CEO, Brodstone Memorial Hospital, Superior, NE

“Sandra helped me build a solid and more cooperative team. Her team-building workshop was both fun and educational as well as insightful.”

Dianna (Hughes) Epp ​

Nursing Facility – Alliance Good Samaritan Society


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